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<b>Copyright Notice</b>
Unless otherwise noted, ROBBWARE.COM holds the copyright on all materials
published on this web site, whether in print or electronic form.
In certain cases the work remains the intellectual property of the individual author(s).
These are noted where appropriate. In general, permission to copy or disseminate
ROBBWARE.COM's materials, either print or electronic, is granted
if the following conditions are met:

Copies are not made or distributed for commercial advantage.
The ROBBWARE.COM copyright and its date appear on the reproduced materials.
Notice is given that copying is by permission of ROBBWARE.COM (see examples below).
To disseminate otherwise, or to republish, requires written permission.
For further information, contact ROBBWARE.COM using the Email menu option.

<b>Posting Photographs on Another Web Site</b>
If you would like to post a copy of a photograph from ROBBWARE.COM or WAREPHOTOS.COM on
your own non-commercial web site (<b>fire companies & fire-news sites included</b>),
you may do so without contacting ROBBWARE.COM beforehand. Please include the following
text or a variation of "Thanks to <a href="">Robb Ware</a> for photos" or "Photos by <a href="">Robb Ware</a>".
<b>Editing out copyright watermark without providing a text credit is always forbidden.</b>

<b>Linking to the ROBBWARE.COM or WAREPHOTOS.COM Web Sites</b>
When referring to pages on the ROBBWARE.COM or WAREPHOTOS.COM web sites from another web site,
please link to the web page from which individual files are linked, rather than to the individual
files themselves (including but not limited to Photographs, Graphics, PDFs, or Documents).
Such files should never be linked to or copied from the ROBBWARE.COM or WAREPHOTOS.COM server
for use on another site.

Permission is never needed to link to pages on the ROBBWARE.COM and WAREPHOTOS.COM web sites.
I appreciate that you find value in my sites and that you encourage others to use it
by linking to my materials.

<b>News Media</b>
The News Media should contact ROBBWARE.COM and arrange an agreement before using any photographs,
graphics, or text from ROBBWARE.COM or WAREPHOTOS.COM unless a prearranged agreement is already in place.
Currently only <i>The Delaware County Daily Times</i> have a prearranged agreement.

<b>Training Instructors</b>
If you would like to use any photos for <b>non-profit</b> fire department training, you are more then welcome
to use any of the photographs from ROBBWARE.COM or WAREPHOTOS.COM by copying them from the site.
Please provide photo credit in your acknowledgements or credits section as "<a href="">ROBBWARE.COM</a>"
If you would like high quality photographs, contact ROBBWARE.COM via the Email link.

If you are developing training materials <b>for profit</b> (selling books/videos/other training material or
paid training sessions), please contact ROBBWARE.COM via the Email link to determine fees.
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